Vasectomy Reversal

Indiana’s only fellowship trained expert. I perform the most vasectomy reversals in the entire state.  Microsurgical expertise combined with cutting edge therapy allows for the best outcomes.

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Low Testosterone

We offer self-administered, at home testosterone injections, along with alternative therapies such as HCG, estrogen blockers, clomid and others.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Get the professional help you need. We offer the entire spectrum of treatment from oral medications to surgical resolution.

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Mission statement

My goal, as the Director of the Mens Health Center (MHC), is to provide the best quality care for the citizens of Indiana, surrounding states, North America and the world.

I strive for a high level of success and excellence – nothing less is acceptable.

I pledge to work together with all patients to develop a care plan.  Every individual is different and there are no straight paths to success.  We will work together to obtain the best outcomes.




Feel free to contact me digitally to get more information, answer any questions you may have or book an appointment or phone consultation.

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