Vasectomy Reversal

For men looking to restore fertility

Varicocele Repair

For men looking to optimize fertility

Microsurgical Cord Denervation

For men looking to stop the pain

Erectile dysfunction/Penile Prosthesis

For men looking to regain function

Low testosterone

For men looking to regain energy, drive and muscular composition

Premature Ejacultion

For men looking to regain control


Outpatient Surgical Procedures

The majority of my outpatient surgeries are performed at the Indiana University Beltway Surgery Center.  It is located at: 151 Pennsylvania Pkwy, Indianapolis, IN 46280.  Main telephone contact for the surgery center is 317-817-1100.


Sperm Harvest Procedures

I work with all the female reproductive endocrinologists in the entire state of Indiana.

This flexibility allows me to provide the best care for every individual; regardless of their situation.  I travel routinely to the offices of all the reproductive endocrinologists for procedures whenever they are needed.  Whether you need a fresh or frozen sperm harvest, rest assured, your individual needs will be met.



Feel free to contact me digitally to get more information, answer any questions you may have or book an appointment or phone consultation.